Finney County Feedyard Products


Cattle Feed/Financing


Finney County Feedyard offers cattle and/or feed financing. With a competitive interest rate and minimal money down, financing with us is very economical. All of our financing is handled in house. If at all possible, the paperwork is handled the same day we receive your cattle.

Risk Management


The cattle market has had its ups and downs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a conversation with an experienced manager who knows the business and can personally help with your risk management program?

Clearing through a reputable brokerage firm, Manager Jeff George will work with you to develop a risk management program that fits your needs. Whether it is live cattle trades or market options, let us help you maximize your profit potential.

Resale Cattle


Looking for quality cattle to put on feed? Let Finney County Feedyard find what you're looking for. We work with several reputable order buyers from multiple locations to find just what you want.

Contact us for a current list of cattle for sale!

Cattle Marketing


Cattle marketing is key to profitability. Having multiple buyers to offer your stock to is not a problem here at Finney County Feedyard. Each week we have buyers from four major packers in our yard to bid on your fat cattle. 

Would you like to have other options besides just cash marketing? We can work to get your cattle forward contracted. If that's not for you, we also market cattle on several different grids that are available to us.