Finney County Feedyard

Nestled in the middle of the great American Heartland, Finney County Feedyard is a 34,000 head yard that is ideally located to meet all of your cattle feeding needs. We strive to make your cattle feeding experience with us a positive one. Being a BQA-certified facility, we want to give your cattle the best care possible.

The health of your cattle is our priority. Our consulting veterinarian makes weekly visits and monitors daily reports to make certain that your cattle receive the best options available for treatment and processing. When needed, our veterinarian is only a call away.

Jeff George, the manager of Finney County Feedyard, and a seasoned staff of professionals are available to give you and your livestock the personal attention needed to meet your performance goals. Finney County Feedyard is fortunate to have a staff of many longtime employees who know cattle and cattle feeding.


Our Feed

Given the abundance of area farms, our commodities are close at hand. This allows us to enjoy locally grown corn, hay, and silage to feed to your cattle. Our consulting nutritionist monitors the quality of the feed supplied for your cattle on a regular basis. To ensure top-quality and nutritional content, samples are sent to a lab and tested for verification. Based on results, we make any adjustments necessary to ensure your cattle are receiving the highest quality of healthy feed. We strive to feed quality rations to your stock.


Selling Your Cattle

Each week we have cattle buyers from four major packers available to look at your cattle. With an ever-changing market, Jeff George will personally work with you to market your cattle on the cash market or on one of the various grids available to us.

At Finney County Feedyard we also care about the environment. We use an Environmental Specialist Consultant to confirm that we are in compliance with all KDHE and EPQ requirements. This is done through a variety of daily, weekly and monthly inspections and reporting.